Saturday, June 17, 2017

Support Room 134!

Friends, family, even public education supporters I don't know on social media are always asking about how they can help given the constant madness of the Chicago Public Schools. Well here's a way!

The Chicago Public Schools has been in a devastating manufactured budget crisis for many years now, with no end in sight. We need structural change. But in the meantime, those of us in the schools try to shelter our kids as much as possible, and this is where you come in.

Students in Room 134 working on a project
I teach special education in a severely underfunded school on Chicago's Far Southside neighborhood of Roseland. My school is a high-poverty school serving primarily African-American students. Help me provide a high-quality educational experience despite the chaos of CPS, the callousness of our Mayor, and the cruelty of our broken state politics.

Please donate to my classroom!! I need help replenishing basic supplies including pencils, gluesticks, markers, folders, prizes for our prize box, items from Teachers Pay Teachers, and other classroom basics.

You can donate via Paypal (all donations will be strictly for classroom needs, going directly to students):


Buy directly from my Amazon Wishlist which will be updated throughout the summer: 

I chose to not go through Donors Choose this year as they take a huge chunk of the proceeds for themselves and place silly restrictions on asking for the basic supplies most teachers today need. Other fundraising sites also charge, so I thought it best to stick with free sites.

Thank you for your support!


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  3. Hi Katie! Sorry to reach out on this platform, but I've been following folks like you and Sarah Chambers and your work vis-a-vis the CPS. I'd like to see if you and/or Sarah would be interested in speaking to my students at GCE Lab School about your work in activism. You can get ahold of me at brent [at] gcelabschool [dot] org. Thanks!

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