Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Arne's Bus Tour: A Call To Action

Dear friends, colleagues, activists, and supporters of public education:

Arne Duncan is coming soon, to a city near you (by near you, I mean no where near places like Chicago, where tens of thousands of teachers have taken to the streets to protest his policies!) but to other important towns and cities across the nation.

Here is the route.

This tour is a great opportunity to remind Arne, AGAIN, that his policies are misplaced and harmful.  Will you organize a grassroots groups of teachers, parents, students, and community members to have a rally as his bus comes through? 

Maybe you can wear red in solidarity with the CTU to remind him that his hometown, where he started all these terrible policies like closing down schools, firing teachers, and vastly increasing the high-stakes tests in our schools, is rejecting his legacy! 

And remind Obama too.  Don't let him keep ignoring us!

So who will organize?  I can already imagine the great signs and slogans all you wonderful activists out there will create. 

Let's keep Duncan on his toes.  He cannot actively destroy our schools and hurt our students without a massive outcry from all of us! 

In Solidarity,
Ms. Katie


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