Monday, March 5, 2012

Dear America

I am the hand that points my students towards possibility.
So stop tying my hands to your damn tests.

I am the shoulder my students cry on.
So stop burdening my tired shoulders with threats and punishment.

I am the mouth which whispers encouragement in my kids’ ears.
So stop silencing my voice when I tell you what the children need.

I am the eyes that see new pathways to understanding for my kids.
So stop pulling the wool over these eyes saying I need no preparation or training to best see the way.

I am the ear that listens to my students’ stories.
So stop telling me that their life circumstances don’t matter.

I am the spark which lights the fire of creativity and inquiry in my students’ hearts.
So stop dousing my spark with hateful, cruel words.

I am a teacher and I do the hard work that is education.
If you believe in education, you need to believe in me.

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